The Fox's Frolic

The Fox's Frolic

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The Fox's Frolic or A Day With The Topsy Turvy Hunt. Written by Sir Francis Burnand, Illustrated by Harry B. Neilson. Our re-publication of this beloved fox hunting classic which is suitably priced for gift giving to all ages. Below is the foreward from Michael Finney.

"One of my fondest memories of my childhood visits to grandparents in Lexington, Kentucky was rooting through the chest of old books and toys in the small guestroom reserved for such occasions to find the battered copy of The Fox's Frolic. While I had no first hand experience of fox hunting, the books images transcended my lack of direct knowledge and I would clamor to have it read aloud to me.

As I grew older, I lost touch with the nursery magic of the Topsy Turvey Hunt while acquiring a steadily growing personal interest in the sport. By the time I was eventually drawn into professional hunt service, I had all but forgotten the battered old book. Then I ran across a copy by chance while attending an auction, I was amazed to see that its value had risen to several hundred dollars, but was more surprised to find myself instantly transported back to my early days of wonder.

The varied and immensely humorous nature of this beloved book is almost as remarkable as it's unfailingly accurate portrayal of why hunting is such a unique pursuit. i was struck even more forcefully by the realization that there would be no battered copies constantly handled by today's youngsters, just pricey collectors items carefully preserved in Mylar, silent, unattainably shelved amongst growing collections of rare books. I found this realization too sad to contemplate and resolved to find a way to remedy it. The result is this republication, suitably priced to allow a new generation to be introduced to its special charms while some older ones can rediscover a cherished, even if heretofore forgotten, memory."

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